Tyler Smith

It's been a month

Well, it's been a month since I left my job. It's amazing how quick time can go when you aren't working.

I've done a lot. I figure I should recap:

I still fell short of completing all of my goals for my first month away from work. Here's what I had hoped to finish in July that I wasn't able to:

I had a lot of goals for July, so I'm not shocked that I didn't get all of them done. Learning Jenkins ended up being more tedious than I had hoped, so I dug my teeth into that and let other goals take a backseat.

Next steps

I obviously want to knock out all of the unfinished goals from above. And I'll work on all of them. But Jenkins and SacMusic are going to need to be a slow burn for a while. I'm pumped about how much I've learned from SacMusic and Jenkins, but I have little to show for it. Agile is all about deploying. I've deployed very little in the past month, and I have a good bit of effort left before SacMusic is in deployable shape. I need to put things online in the meantime.

Starting today, my goal is to ship something almost everyday. This could be code changes, blog posts, pull requests, live streams, etc. The work I do is meaningless unless it's somewhere that people can see it. Today I shipped a dev.to blog post (Comparison of MDX integration strategies with Next.js), which was half way written but sat as an incomplete draft for two weeks. I have several more draft blog posts that just need a little touch up and will then be ready to publish.

Shipping daily. I can do it. I'm looking for to it. Let's put some shit on the Internet.