Tyler Smith

My 2021 reading list

One of the perks of having a full-time job during the past year is that I've been able to purchase books guilt-free. One of the drawbacks of having a full-time job is that I haven't had much opportunity to read them. If I wanted to dig into GoF Design Patterns, that's all I'd have time for outside of work for a month. I've started many of these books, then stopped a quarter of the way through when my job would get particularly chaotic.

With my current job wrapping up soon, I'll be taking some time off. One of my biggest priorities during this time is to read influential books about software development. I'd also plan to read many books covering entreprenuership and the business of software development.

I ordered eight more books today that should help me ride out the rest of the year. I plan to spend a few hours reading every day after I finish my job and have had a chance to catch my breath.

Here are the books that I intend to complete before the end of 2021.

Coding books

Business and entreprenuership books


* Books I've already read at least once

This list is enormous. I'm hoping to use this blog to capture some of my thoughts and impressions as I read these books. I suppose I'll check them off on this list too as I finish them.

I'm becoming increasingly skeptical of object-oriented programming's proclaimed benefits, so it's fitting that over half of the coding books are dedicated to OOP. I believe that there's a non-zero chance that I master the patterns and principles of object-oriented programming only to become a Lisp evangelist.