Tyler Smith

Playing with CSS and looking at network fundamentals

I'm still burned out on DevOps, so I didn't touch it today.

My resume

I spent some time playing with my resume. I wrote my resume with HTML and CSS. There are some instances where having a full layout language is really helpful; I can't even imagine what resizing margins of 20 items at once must be like in InDesign.

I decided... that I should make my resume mobile responsive. It's stupid, I know. But it turned out pretty well. I do feel a little foolish though: I discovered I had originally made it with A4-sized paper, which is a European size. Oops. I didn't even realize that Europe used different paper sizes. I changed it to "letter," which is the size I was looking for. I had to adjust some margins to make everything fit.

It was really relaxing to use HTML and CSS again. Doing layout and semantic HTML well can be really challenging, and I get the sense that the "HTML isn't code!" crowd probably doesn't develop a lot of chops here. It also feels nice to work on solving problems using tools I understand well rather than frantically trying to learn new tools. It's been a few months since I've done that.

I'll probably throw the resume on a website since it's mobile responsive now. If nothing else, it could show future employers that I know CSS print styles, semantic HTML, and have some clever responsive chops.


I was thinking about some fun projects I could do today while I unplug from DevOps for a minute. I had an idea for a Raspberry Pi project that could tell me the amount of people in an area by detecting pings or something.

Then I thought, "how would I push updates if I ever needed to do that?" I have no idea.

I'm getting more proficient at setting up applications on servers, but I don't really know the first thing about networks. While it's another thing I have to learn, learning about something new for a few days while I recharge from DevOps stuff sounds relaxing. I'll treat myself to a mile-high overview and then come back to learn specifics in six months to a year maybe.

I signed up for a trial LinkedIn learning account and started watching their intro to networking course. I'm really enjoying it so far: normally I have to speed up the video to keep my interest up. The instructor is so engaging that I'm watching it at normal speed. It's all super high-level, but that's perfect for me right now: I literally don't know anything.

I'll probably spend a few more days just casually learning about networks. It's very relaxing right now.