Tyler Smith

So my resume is now a website. That's a thing I guess.

I'm still burnt out on provisioning and configuration management, so I worked on my resume. About two years ago I did my resume in HTML because I found it easier to control the spacing using CSS than it would be to control using something like InDesign. Since then I've updated it pretty much every time I've learned a new skill. Yesterday I made it mobile responsive and today I lauched it as a website (if you're reading this in the future I may have moved this to a different domain). I also put it as a public repo on GitHub, though since there's no server or compile step you can see the source by just inspecting the page. I'm trying to get more comfortable showing my work.

I also continued learning about computer networking today. That involves more that than I'd hope. Within a week I'll probably put that endeavor on pause for a while.