Tyler Smith

Tax Day 2021

I'm exhausted. Today was tax day, and last night I was up until 2 am doing my taxes.

At 3 am, Turbo Tax emailed me to tell me the IRS didn't accept my taxes because they thought my adjusted taxable income was wrong. I logged into the IRS website, and it didn't seem to have any of my information available.

They had my info the past. What happened?

With that, the IRS dropped a fire-drill arts-and-crafts project in my hands. I needed paper, pens, envelopes, tape and a stapler. My printer displayed a low ink warning and refused to print anything at all, because businesses are build on holding costumer's products hostage instead of delivering value. Meanwhile, my window for getting my taxes to the post office was rapidly closing as I delt with meetings and uncooperative code.

Normally I'd get sassy about my experience with the IRS website on Twitter, but the last time I complained about the IRS in a tweet, a USDS developer tweeted me a job application and said, "You fix it."

He actually said, "Be the change you want to see!"


No tech insights today

I wrote a draft post about some benefits of using inversion of control, but it's currently a dumpster fire. If I ever find the desire to clean it up I'll post it on here.

I hope your tax day was less painful than mine!